How to Register in BSNL Selfcare Portal ? Manage All FTTH Services 2024

How to Register in the BSNL Selfcare Portal:

Unlike olden days we need not call customer care whenever we want to do something with the bsnl services; register yourself in the Bsnl self-care portal and use bsnl services for the first time when registering Bsnl self-care portal.

BSNL Selfcare Portal Registration:

To Visit the site, click here  

Here I will explain a step-by-step process to register in a self-care portal; you can add broadband and mobile services to the self-care portal.

Register with an email id, or use social networks like Google or Facebook to sign in.

Once you register using an email ID, add your account, i.e. Bsnl FTTH connection or mobile connection.

Verify your mobile number with OTP, and after verifying account will be added to your portal.

It also adds all accounts related to your billing ID. For example, if you have subscribed with the Bsnl FTTH connection, it also shows the BSNL FTTH connection and Bsnl voice connection.

bsnl selfcare portal

BSNL self-care portal services:

  • Change Broadband Password
  • Change BSNL broadband / FTTH plan online
  • Change BSNL Landline plan online
  • Check bill payment history
  • Check BSNL Broadband / FTTH usage
  • Change tariff plan
  • Download BSNL duplicate bill
  • Email Id updation
  • Know your BSNL broadband user-id
  • Leased circuit Cost Estimation
  • Lodge BSNL complaint online
  • New Services Registration
  • Pay Your BSNL Bill Online
  • Status of a service request
  • Register complaints
  • Track the status of complaints
  • Track New Service Request
  • Wings Service Booking

Instructions to be followed in BSNL FTTH:

You can change Your plan only once a Month; choosing a project depends on your wish.

Make sure your Optical Fibre DB is between – 14 to -17 and can run up to -24

BSNL offers free 24/7 calling on VOIP. Additionally, You get unlimited bandwidth after completing your FUP at low speed. You can also check bsnl mobile number.

How to setup VOIP calling in Bsnl:

We have written a dedicated article on configuring BNSL Voip in your router. Here we will add basic information on setting up VOIP calling with the BSNL.

BSNL VOIP works great with the bsnl DHCP and Bsnl static IP address; I prefer to choose a static IP address, as it is reliable whenever there are frequent power disconnects with the ONT.


We have written all the steps related to the self-care portal and added a detailed article on how to set up bsnl VOIP for the first time in your ONT router.

If you have any questions about the BSNL connection, please comment below.

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