Sign Up for IRCTC and Book Railway Ticket in Online (2024)

IRCTC: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Using this IRCTC App, you can book your Railway tickets within 2 minutes through your IRCTC Account. Nowadays, everyone is using Android mobiles, and Technology has developed drastically. So, no one who planned to go by Train was interested in going to the railway station to book a ticket by standing in a queue.

So by using your Android mobile, you can book the Railway ticket easily from your home through the internet. Firstly, you need to create an IRCTC account, log in with your details, choose your destination place, and book your ticket.

How to book Railway Tickets online:

  1. First, you need to install the IRCTC app on your mobile.
  2. Then, log into the app, tap on user Registration, fill in the forms, and select book ticket options.
  3. Activate your mobile number and mail ID and verify it with source and destination stations.
  4. Finally, log in with details and book railway tickets.

How to sign up for IRCTC on mobile:

Here, I will tell you how to sign up on IRCTC.

  1. First, you should install the IRCTC App from the Google Play Store. After completing the installation, you can open the app. It will ask you to register or log in. It’s up to your choice.
  2. Tap the om register button to sign up for a new account on irctc.
  3. Give some details on the registration page, like user name and password. Confirm the password for privacy. Give your first, middle, and last names, and mention your date of birth and gender.
  4. Give your correct mobile number and Email ID for booking a Railway ticket.
  5. Now, it will ask for your address details. Before entering your address, please enter your valid address. You can enter your colony address, and it will accept it.
  6. Now tap on next again. It will ask you for details like nationality, marital status, and more.. fill in those details and tap on next.
  7.  Now give your address details.
  8. You may get errors like a maximum of 225 alphabets and a minimum of 3 characters; numbers and spaces are allowed to resolve this problem.
  9. Enter your house address and ensure that you do not enter any unique character in the address, and you need to have one alphabet in the lesson. So, including your address, enter your colony name, and tap on next.
  10. Finally, it will show you that you are successfully registered on IRCTC.
  11. After registering with IRCTC, you must verify your email ID and mobile number to activate your account.
  12. Now, you enter earlier, which I already said in 3rd point, to log in with your user name and password.
  13. After verifying your mobile number and mail ID, it will ask for verification codes.
  14. You can log in with your username and password for security after verification.
  15. Finally, you can book a railway ticket by using the IRCTC Application.
  16. These are the steps to sign up for IRCTC in a mobile

How to recover your IRCTC password on mobile:

  • Open your IRCTC app on your mobile, select login, and click on forget the password for account password recover
  • . enter your user name and follow the next steps.
  • It will ask you some security questions, and please answer them correctly, then you will receive a password to your mobile number or Email ID.
  • You will get one link. Click on that link in the mail to create a new password or reset the account password.


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