Best Free Calling Sites without registration 2024

Best Free Calling Sites:

We have sorted the best free calling sites and apps to allow you to make free calls. Have you ever thought of calling for free? You will be required to recharge a huge amount to make calls internationally. Now check the best free calling sites and apps.

Free Calling Sites

Call 2 friends(can call from the desktop):

How to make free calls with call2 megaphone and are similar as they have the same user interface. You can call any of them with the below steps.

No need to register on as it provides free calling from the browser itself. You can pay them to make calls after the free credit completes. For making calls, you need to pay them. They generally accept credit cards, or you can add funds to your call2friends site wallet and make calls using the wallet. Many payment methods are used according to your availability, so enjoy calling with your loved ones or business deals. Call2Friends save money when travelling across the country and making calls from your browser.


IEvaphone is the best free calling VoIP calls for free. Free online calling Website Web-based. We can use this app on both Android and iPhone mobiles without registration. While testing for the first time, I’m getting like, There are no free minutes for direction. After some time, I tested the Android app it’s working well.

The best advantage is that we can use this app online without registration. We will get four credits for the first signup. The average credit for India and the US is one credit per minute. Rates will change according to the country wisely. We will get free 4 minutes for the call. It is one of the best free calling sites.

Call Easy is the best free calling VoIP calls for free without registration. Free online calling To countries services around 50+. We can make calls using Internet balance online without downloading the Calleasy app and registering.


PokeTalk is the best free calling VoIP calls for free without registration. The application of this Desktop Gadget is used to access any mobile. We will get 50 calls per month; for an individual call, we will get 10 minutes per user. The advantage of this PokeTalk app is that we can make calls online without registration or downloading the app. This app is connected with people from around 50+ countries.

Now that free call has premium and free calling services; we can make the calls free. On the website, we have some credits those credits he has to buy, and we can make free calls with that. We have to log in with our username and password and can make free calls.

Flash2Voip :

Make free calls using an internet browser. First, download and install the Flash player to use Adobe Flash technology. The Flash player must be the latest version. You can check out more best free calling sites.s

Globe One is used to send text messages (SMS) to your family and friends anywhere in the world for free. The receiver can receive the message without installing the globe for the app o their mobile. You can send and receive text messages and calls on the globe gone for free.


Citrusel is offering free minutes for the trail. If we want to make more calls, we have to buy credits. In some countries, this citrus is not working, so they are referred to as spytox for that country. For that reason, we are unable to test the Citrusel app.

It is a fully web-based app. We can track this app by IP address; the free minutes are unknown. It provides services such as VoIP calls only. It is supported in many countries. We can give 9 out of 10 rankings.

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The phone is used to dial a number on the keypad to call a person. Webphone is linked to the USA and Canada and provides services to many countries. The main purpose of this app is to call and text messages for free. We can send and receive messages and calls from this.

Best Free Calling Sites

You can chat with friends with the real number when you are not online. You can send and receive free messages and calls when both persons use the iPhone app.

This app provides a VoIP phone service that helps you save money by using an internet connection or a wifi connection to make free calls and text messages within and internationally in over 20o countries. You can chat and make free calls with iPhone users. Let’s invite your friends and family to make happy hours for them.


Pop Tax is a VoIP free calling service app to make free unlimited text messages. You can use this app to make calls from pc or smartphone. You can download this poptox mobile calling site in the play store or plugin in Chrome. You can track this website by using the IP address. It is a free calling app. You don’t need to pay any fee. Open the app, click on the keypad, dial the number, click the call button, and start your first free calling.


Spy to services is free VoIP calls, SMS, and email addresses. It provides free 3 minutes calls per day. This service is provided for almost every country in the world. It is a very popular service as compared to other websites. It is a web-based service only, and this is a tested website. You can track this website by using the IP address. It is supported in every country.

Best free calling apps without registration:

It’s easier to call from an application to another person than calling from a browser, as the browser needs more permissions, and the browser is not dedicated to calling, so calling from an application is a lot easier than calling from a browser.

Now we have listed many websites you can call; we also listed mobile apps with which you can call your friends and loved ones.

You have a lot of apps to make free online, like Nano, skype, Duo, and Nimbuzz. Many apps are available online.

There are many free calling apps without registration. You can make free calls and send text messages. You can check other free calling websites also.

Global Wifi calling – free phone call:

It is 100% free calling with wifi connection in over 200 countries. Here you don’t need any sim and verification process. You can directly make a call with wifi connection.

  • They will provide bonus points when you join this app.
  • You can make calls to over 200 countries
  • You will get some free credits when gets sign in
  • You can also set your phone number as caller id.
  • They don’t require a sim and verification process
  • You will get free credits while completing some tasks.

Bigo: Free calling app

This Bigo app is an Android device app. It gives free minutes of calling for every month to users. They are giving 400 credits to every user every month. You can increase Bigo credits by referring to your friends and family.

Dingaling: Free calling minutes for Android

Dingaling is another application for Android users that provides free call minutes every month. It is very easy to use. You will get recharged every month 1st for free. It also provides a free SMS service and is used in 2G networks. This app also provides free minute calling every month. Android apps work well, but you can also use free calling websites to call your friends.

Voxox: Free $1 for every month

Voxox also provides free $1 every month for free calling worldwide. It is also simple and easy to use. This app is used to call all over the world. Start using Voxox and enjoy international calls for free.

Xone: Free calling minutes

Xone provides 100 free minutes of talk time every month to users. This app supports 17 countries, along with India. You can enjoy international calls every month for 100 minutes.


This article tells that many best free calling sites are available on the internet. Some sites have a registration process, and some have one without registration. You will get free calling minutes for free by using all apps.

You can make unlimited calls from those apps, but you have to change the IP address from your browser, and also you can use proxy Chrome extensions in Chrome.

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